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Gold Coast


What You Need to Know

So there are four main regions that you will become familiar with depending on the duration of your stay these being Surfers Paradise, Robina, Burleigh Heads and Currumbin.  I wouldn’t really recommended spending a lot of time in Surfers Paradise. However, this is where all of the hostels are and its not cheap here, the average price for a shared room in the hostel is about $50 per night. If you can it would be better to get an airBNB or rent if you are going to be on the Gold Coast for more than 3 days. Surfers Paradise is where night clubs and arcades are. Burleigh will be the main place you want to be. It has good restaurants, fish and chips and bars to hang out at, good point breaks and beaches.  It’s a better central point to be based at. Burleigh Heads is near Currumbin, where there is a wildlife sanctuary that has all the animals that you expect to see when you go to Australia. Robina has a lot of shops etc. 


Go to @cdsurfcraft on Instgram to get the best board custom made for you. Connor Clark is currently making boards in Tweed Heads, Northern NSW.


“Fresh blade this one has a little more tail rocker paired with that late flick in the last 2 inches for a little more freedom toward the end of turns. The fins are also quite clustered with the front fins 1/16 back toward the tail than normal and the rear fin 3/4 up from normal position making for a tighter arc and more rail engagement. Obviously slight breakage up front to help keep a strangle hold on the media.” CC


“New rounded flyer twin concept, just tested it down the east coast and back. Grooves on a long wall with those straighter rails before the flyer while the round tail help for a nice arc. Tasty” CC