Sweatshirts $50 screen printed in the street. Oregon * California * Mexico * Hawaii * Australia (Gold Coast & Byron Bay) * Indonesia (Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa) * Fiji Nadi * France & Portuagal * South Africa-JBAY * Surf, Skate, Foil, SUP * Ski/Snowboard [Water & Snow] * Music * Motocross * Farm & Garden * Construction * Homeschool Surfer Grom * Sail & Travel * Carbon Sequestrian GOATS for USE(Oregon coast, Santa Cruz & Santa Barbara).

local knowledge

This site is better suited towards people that can surf and want some local knowledge. RIPS, CURRENTS, EATS, Good Parking, Safe Places, even parking in ‘Friend’s ‘ driveway.  Surfing can be a team sport. 

Subscribe and join the TEAM and get access to a NEW WAVERUNNER EX  private surf patrol & surf training. (Advice to people wanting to get into surfing. Get strong-fit 1st. Meaning lift weights, triathlon & maybe even do some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Do this for 6 weeks including swim training. This will jolt your BODY and save years of out of shape paddling. )

 * Triathlon Training (Cervelo * SNJ)

 * Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (ATAMA * KRUGANS)

 * Weight Lifting 

We prefer the WEST COASTS of the WOLRD. More power than the east coasts of the world. 

 North Shore HI

 West Coast USA

 Western Indonesia

 West Mexico

 Western Australia

 but what the hay

small east coast Point Breaks are also fun;

 (Qld Australia, J Bay SA especially for the YOUTH).



Fly from Honolulu to Gold Coast Australia (usually via Sydney. Jetstar $600 rt)

Spend a MONTH? at Coolangatta QLD.

         Surf Burleigh Heads * Kirra & Snapper Rocks * D Bar * 

        Easy 50 minute drive down to BYRON BAY.

        Byron Bay long point break & Lennox Head.

 * GOLD COAST is a great place as a BASE CAMP for INDONESIA & FIJI.

 * About $400 rt  or less to Indonesia or FIJI from the GOLD COAST AUS.

 * Don’t need to bring boards to AUS. Australia (Gold Coast) has lots of cheap boards AND excellent shapers. Additionally the USA has a strong dollar value so good time to buy new boards in AUS. ( Mt Woodgie, Stuart at Mermaid Beach).







Boots on the ground, where to go first.

What to expect, when you arrive.




 Bingen Beach (local Balinese w/VAN pick up at Denpasar Airport. Drive to Bingen Beach. $20 per night. 

Eat Nasi Gorang after surf session.  Go to sleep early 1st night & stay healthy.

Homeschool Surf Groms learn Bahasa Indonesian & Bahasa Balinese. Practice language at home so the international experience is the test/exam. 

Stay 28 days. 

Surf Uluwatu * Impossibles * Bingen Beach * Dreamland.