Sweatshirts $50 screen printed in the street. Oregon * California * Mexico * Hawaii * Australia (Gold Coast & Byron Bay) * Indonesia (Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa) * Fiji Nadi * France & Portuagal * South Africa-JBAY * Surf, Skate, Foil, SUP * Ski/Snowboard [Water & Snow] * Music * Motocross * Farm & Garden * Construction * Homeschool Surfer Grom * Sail & Travel * Carbon Sequestrian GOATS for USE(Oregon coast, Santa Cruz & Santa Barbara).

The search for Freedom.

TheSurfShop.com is about the next 10x generations. The YOUTH need to be Strong, Intelligent & Wise just to have what the world had for the last 50 years. 

We raise champions, free surfers, free skiers, freedom philosophers. The trinket is less important than the IDEOLOGY

 THINKING is the ULTIMATE POWER. All this other physical stuff we do is just to keep the HARDWARE/our physical body in shape.