Sweatshirts $50 screen printed in the street. Oregon * California * Mexico * Hawaii * Australia (Gold Coast & Byron Bay) * Indonesia (Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa) * Fiji Nadi * France & Portuagal * South Africa-JBAY * Surf, Skate, Foil, SUP * Ski/Snowboard [Water & Snow] * Music * Motocross * Farm & Garden * Construction * Homeschool Surfer Grom * Sail & Travel * Carbon Sequestrian GOATS for USE(Oregon coast, Santa Cruz & Santa Barbara).

In shadows deep where moonlight softly weaves,
A whispering breeze that stirs the autumn leaves.
With tender grace, the stars their tales unfold,
In cosmic dance, a story to be told.

The nightingale, a troubadour of night,
Sings sonnets sweet in the soft moonlight.
A fleeting dream, a momentary trance,
As stars above engage in their romance.

The poet’s pen, a wand that conjures dreams,
In ink, a world of endless, flowing streams.
Each verse a thread in life’s rich tapestry,
A testament to love and mystery.

So let this sonnet weave its gentle spell,
In words, a journey that only time can tell.

 (sonnet by the SURF n JAM team)

Sweatshirt $48.00

  Size youth 14, 16

  Adult S, M, L. 


You have everything you need to travel, live and create while you are abroad. Planet earth has some DREAM LOCATIONS. True enough that one could say I don’t need to travel. I like surfing one location and am completely satisfied with the perfect routine. I  concur. I like the cold water latitudes of 46′. I love the WIM HOFF effect of living in the north.  The glassy conditions & overcast still skies. 


Options to stay local or drift to month long seasons in Mexico, or Indonesia. Preferably on the shoulder seasons. 

Family Set-ups.

Surfing Homeschool Groms get the best waves. They incorporate massive knowledge about the ocean. Swell direction, the ocean as a food source & survival at sea. 

Surfing Homeschool Groms learn about PHYSICs and the waves of energy. Energy from the Star/Sun. 

Houses w/pool available beachfront for remote lifestyles & Zen hippies. Tropical Regions.


North Shore HI (February sessions 2024)

     Oregon Ski MT Hood Spring Ski PASS (2024)

Local & International Artist

  * Aboriginal Art of Western Australia.

  * Balinese Door Art.

  * Post Photography Art. 

  * Mural Art.